Art in Minneapolis - ink paintings

Comere, the cat Knife wakeup Vacant lot Local women Pot of shadows Tree tops Turtle Man before the sun Boys in the back room Wrench Triangle Little cat Cat fight CHF painting CHF at lunch St. Croix cliffs George WrightIrwin Again Mary Ellen Lind, my sister, 1958

Zen and the art of Caroling shows most directly in ink paintings. Here are several. The darker background is paper towel. The lighter background is handmade rice paper. I ground an ink stick on a stone with water and applied with a tapering brush. Often short inscriptions, like haiku poems take place, too. The idea is to become at one with the subject and express it all at once. In 1958-1960, I learned from the early Zen Buddhist Chinese painters Liang Kai, Mu Chi, and Ying Yu Chien, as I worked on my MFA thesis. It was "The First Zen Buddhist Painters and Their Relationship to Contemporary Art". See the Turtle for the antithesis, realizing in 2001. Descriptions, enlargements, and more to come. See also Mama and the mini-moons.

One way to study art is to copy it. Here are some copies of ink paintings. One way to study myself is to do self portraits. See also two women from Seven Corners and Meditative Art.

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