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Seven corners self - introspective ink paintings

In my Minnesota Seven Corners stage, many ink paintings are introspective self portraits. Above are three related to some of my paths: technical, magical-mystical and inner development.

The portrait on the left is done completely in the "mass stroke" I'd identified in Zen and abstract painting (see the MFA thesis sections two, six, seven, nine, and ten, where I say "The mass stroke is used as the main means of realizing forms. To repeat: this means that the stroke is equivalent to a plane, there is no outlining. It varies from being an identifiable edge line to extending across or being the whole surface."). Later I saw this in theosophical painting championed by Rudolf Steiner in Waldorf education. Probably done on transition to life beyond school.

Many of my ink paintings were as much about words as images. The center portrait says "Tatoo Tattoo for a Lady In Waiting". I was pregnant and alone, feeling deserted by my absent husband, the father. But here are cosmic energies: the yang lightning and the yin flows, on me, in me, through me. I had not fit into the local social structure and was experiencing myself outside all I had known, expected, or thought to be true.

On the right is later, after I had decided to keep the child and had used my art to support us. It says "How wonderful it would be to live right and be able to celebrate just simply celebrate in your art. Chagall you are a wonderful. How are your children now? All I can do is record them. I wish someone could get me from behind this brush forever. And once in awhile. 4/19/61."

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