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Seven Corners neighborhood

Seven corners refers to an intersection where seven streets run point blank into each other. For me, moving to this neglected innercity neighborhood was back to nature compared to the UofM, my sheltered life, and the more developed neighborhoods where I had been living. My paths collided too. With marriage and career going nowhere, I also was with unborn child. Everything was marginal. I was drawn to a couple of old women, who had been hard workers. Now in modest surroundings, without much money or support, I learned from their survival. See ink paintings of them and an oil painting of Rose in NYC.

Vacant lots and untrimmed vegetation were my jungle and my refuge. I didn't become a college art teacher. Instead, I worked part time as a stained glass designer. Some ink paintings were introspective self portraits.

Now the University has spread across the river and over this area.

When Carol Hoorn Fraser left Minnesota in 1961, we swapped paintings. In 2000, John Fraser sent slides of the oils shown on this page. The Old Lady at the top of the page also has a large version. Here is an overview of the same scene, Off the Back Porch.

red sky Red Sky. Click the image for a medium-size version or here for a large one. It is one of the first color works stemming from the originally black and white Zen ink paintings, with writing. It says, "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning".

There's much more to show for this period.

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