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Mini Moons Page

While working on the Moonscape sculpture page, I realized that there was a moon mini-series in the early 60s spanning themes, mediums, and locations. Click a small image to see a larger one. Fascination with the revelation and occultation of moonlight by storm clouds at night came about the time I gave birth to a child. I began looking across horizons to full moons and suns swinging across the sky, looking to cosmic sources. I've published some of these works previously: Spring Snow and Birth of Leo. Here are some more.

1. and 2. are ink paintings on rice paper. These sketches are related to a small oil painting (Inner Pool) that I sold from my show at Walker Art Center in 1961. There may be more of these ink paintings. Each try has special qualities.

3. Spruce in Moonlight is oil on linen canvas. See a much larger version with better detail.

4. Moon vs. Street Light is a water color done shortly after moving to New York. I missed my Minnesota moons. The NY moon was masked by harsh street lights.

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