Art in Minneapolis by Carol Hoorn Fraser

Carol Hoorn Fraser was a fellow art student at the University of Minnesota.

blue painting When Carol left Minneapolis in 1961, I traded two small paintings of mine (the Old Lady and Red Sky) for Carol's painting, Moonlight Bathers. But I could not care for the large oil painting on canvas while constantly moving and so it was lost. It was one of the most beautiful paintings ever. It won first prize in the First Minnesota Artists' Biennial exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in 1959.

Two people are half-submerged in midnight blue web of dreams and moonlight. Critic John K. Sherman described it as "moody blue impressionism, with forms barely seen and suggested and a pale yellow orb over all." I didn't have a picture of it until October, 2000. See it on its own page, with the story. I refer to Moonlight Bathers on this page.

Here are paintings by Carol Fraser from the years around 1960.
SunflowersSunflowers, oil painting, collection of Minneapolis Public Library.

Photo and portrait of Carol Lind Portrait of Carol Lind, oil painting. The photo includes me. From our joint show.

animalSquirrel, oil painting. See also a larger version or the largest (200KB).

Spring Girl Spring Girl, oil painting, 1956.

See also a painting by me that includes her, Three Friends and my drawings of Carol. In 1961, Carol moved to Nova Scotia with her husband, John. See John Fraser's photographs in the gallery. Carol had a fine art career until her death in 1991. You can find many links on the web. For a personal view, including many photos of artwork, see his/her website,, published by her husband John in 2002. Founded by close friends of the Frasers, the Thistle Dance site features Carol, including her work and life story. Alternatively, see black and white Fraser pages.

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