Carol sees Carol in Minneapolis

Carol Hoorn Fraser was a good friend. She "lived" in the studio next to mine in the temporary building for MFA teaching assistants at the U of M. Here are four portraits of Carol. They are on paper, each about 9x12 inches. Click the image or text for a medium-size graphic. The larger versions range from 50 to 100 KB in size.

face, double   head   act of painting   lunch

I drew her over 40 years ago. For me, the images still evoke her deep introspective quality, her assertive refusal to be pigeon-holed, her bold advance into paint, and her wry insight yet sympathetic rapport with others. Is it just my sentiment, or is she present for you too? Find her in a woodcut of two Carolsboth of us together and a painting of a trio. See her paintings, by Carol Hoorn Fraser.

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