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Wholeo dome in Monte Rio, CA 1976 - 1982

In these pictures, the dome rests on a wooden ring of 15 segments. Round brackets attach each strut to the wood, holding the frame in place. Each 2"x4" is almost 3' long. I nailed the ends onto 15 posts. Each post sinks into a 3' deep hole filled with coarse gravel for drainage and solid support. The post hole digger (auger) looked like an earth anchor, with a twisted flange at the end, making it easy to remove earth for a hole about 5" in diameter. 13 of the posts are tree limbs, which I soaked in creosote to discourage insects. Two 4"x4" posts form the entrance, dug down into rounded steps. A linen canvas drape stapled around the edge blocks the glare from daylight, or lifts for ventilation.

Writing over the entrance says, "logo NO SMOKING logo NO DRINKING logo IN WHOLEO PLEASE." A cashbox gathered a few donations. The best pay was the autograph books filled with notes, drawings, and poems.

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