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Great Highway


Window (top), Irwin (left), Steve Baer and the Zome (right) in Corrales, New Mexico. The name of the window, Great Highway, comes from the last street before the Pacific ocean, bordering Golden Gate State Park, in San Francisco, California. It was there that I got the idea; it was on the way. I describe this context on the San Francisco art page. Steve and Holly Baer opened their home to me and my family while I worked on designing and fabricating the window panels.

In the color photo to the left, Irwin is seated below the finished window. The photo shows three solar-heating banks of oil drums. To the upper left you can also see the flap of one of the ceiling vents. It opens and closes automatically, controlled by a thermal sensor.

In the black/white photo to the right, Steve climbs down after having cut an opening for the window in the Zome. Since the skin is rigid foam sandwiched in aluminum sheets, it was strong enough that I could design an irregular opening, requiring no framing.

The window design is a story of vibrations. It is divided into three main sections. These parallel steps in the search for the whole self described in the introduction to this website. The lower left is the normal human psyche, with information storage blocks and vibes. The center transition is vibes intensified in the expansion of consciousness. Up to the right is the peak of realization. It is a rarefied peak. In 1972, I had not yet discovered many of the principles that I would later apply to the design of a new species.

In 2018 I discovered a page describing Baer and the importance of this zome residence with a picture of the skylight in place:

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