"Crystals of Earth and Sky" by Cameron Booth

In 1957 I saw this painting in an art show. The artist, Cameron Booth, was my oil painting teacher at the University of Minnesota. He said that the crystals were diamonds and the painting reminded him of the dynamic pressures in the alchemy of their creation out of black coal. I felt and still feel that it embodies his teachings. If I could (can) just look at the painting long enough, perhaps I would (will) learn. As a student he gave me half price, so I bought it. See a medium or large image of the painting.

The following quote and the portrait are from a local newspaper.

"You may see many things in Cameron Booth's painting. None of them may be exactly what the artist had in mind.

"And that's perfectly satisfactory with Booth. He describes his form of abstract exressionism as 'sounds without words which give the viewer plenty of latitude to see or feel what he wishes--much as with music.'

"Booth's work won one of four honorable mentions given to paintings currently being shown at the 41st annual Local Artists' exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts."

Luckily the acryllic paint on composition board backed with a wooden frame was sturdy enough to survive several moves across the US. The worst damage was smoke from a household fire, which I've never completely removed.

Newspaper portraitBooth was influenced by the abstract expressionism of Hans Hoffman. In later years I heard Booth returned to some realism in farm scenes of the midwest. Jim Rosenquist is perhaps Booth's most famous student, who has always paid great respect to his teacher.

The copyright for the "Crystals of Earth and Sky" remains with the artist's estate. Back to the gallery.

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