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Eastern Lake InOutfall

The Eastern Lake inOutfall is a stretch of white sand between the Gulf of Mexico and a rare coastal dune lake. A casual observer doesn't see that water filters through the sand most of the time. When the water level in the lake is high enough, water flows between the two water bodies across the sand, mingling. When the flow is pushed inward by the water from the rising tide in the Gulf we call it an inlet. When the flow is pushed outward by rising lake level, we call it an outlet. Engineers call it an outfall. To capture the dual nature of the connection yet retain the technical term, let's call it an inOutfall.

On 2008-02-27, the inOutfall was open. Movie clips show the Whole Flow, the Gulf interface, and the dual flow action with Jellyfish. jellyfish inOutfall Gulf interface inOutfall whole flow inOutfall

See also the Deer Lake State Park inOutfall. Back to the Eastern Lake travel page.

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