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Deer Lake Inoutfall - Fresh Water Meets Sea - uncut

This is a long, repetitive uncut video of the entire walk. See also a much shorter version (QuickTime).

After a good rainstorm, Deer Lake rises, bursts through the sand dunes to connect with the Gulf of Mexico. It is a rare coastal dune lake. This movie shows the incoming tide colliding with the outfall from the lake. I call it the "inoutfall", known locally as inlet, outlet, or outfall. On April 3, 2009, starting at the Walton Dunes Regional Beach Access in Seagrove Beach on the Emerald Coast in NW Florida, I walked east about 0.5 mile to witness this event at 1:30 p.m. When I returned to the access, the beach was lined with people looking at the water. One man died in the surf while two others had to be rescued by a lifeguard. At the end of the movie, see the buildings and people in the distance. That is the site of the tragedy. This is what was previously a second inoutfall, east of the one shown on the map, which is not current.

If you need quick action flicks, you'll find it in the surges of conflicting water flows. However, after you've seen one, you might feel you've seen them all. Get into beach mode where staring into sea waves is mesmerizing, always the same, yet a little bit different, seemingly more beautiful. You'll get a glimpse of Deer Lake State Park to the north. On the return trip, perhaps the most exciting turbulence of all, where spiraling foamed sand swirls up to the surface. Coming back, see the waves in reverse.

Deer Lake State Park pages start here with movies from the March equinox, 2002. This park is in the Florida panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico. See also red dawn and the Eastern Lake InOutfall.

The background image is abstracted from sand lace (small, medium or large view). This white sand made of quartz crystals is gray or neutral when wet. See images, 2009. Florida travel page or park.

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