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Travel - Florida, Around Eastern Lake, June Solstice 2003

To celebrate the solstice, June 21, 2003, come on a meditative 5-mile walk. Center attention on the lake. The neighborhood is Seagrove Beach. The small rare coastal dune lake is surrounded by a mix of public and private lands. There is no direct path. I needed a good map to help me navigate the poorly marked old logging roads. The best I've found is from Beach to Bay Connection, Inc.. My map is a corner of their map (thank you profusely). The slide show, maps, and steps show the area on the walk into two forests, a beach, streets, and lake edges. The steps to go counter-clockwise (CCW) are my notes with pedometer mileages. I haven't tested them clockwise (CW). Here is a view from the edges of the Deer Lake State Park, Pt. Washington State Forest, and Gulf of Mexico: Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

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