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Travel - Florida, Around Eastern Lake, CW steps

Here are hiking directions going clockwise around Eastern Lake, a 5-mile trip. Mileage as shown on pedometer with 0.00 from the Heron's Watch Condo. See the numbers on the map. In the slide show, the CCW mileage numbers do not match the CW trip direction.

  1. 0.00 Start at Heron's Watch condo, building 1.
  2. 0.20 Turn right to take Nature Walk down to condo dock with canoe racks, looking west over lake. Iron post inscribed SJPC. Come back to the road and go to Hwy 30A.
  3. 0.31 Cross Hwy 30A and turn left on bike path.
  4. 0.44 Turn right on Lakewood Dr.
  5. 0.67 Turn right at small park with picnic tables and boat access. Go down to the water at the boat access, then continue on the road.
  6. 0.97 Stay right when road forks. After a while see large lakefront homes to right. Street runs into Beachside Drive.
  7. 1.31 Take beach access ramp, turn right and walk west on the beach to cross E. Lake inlet and turn right at the next access ramp to continue back to Hwy 30A along the west side of Eastern Lake. Do not turn right or left or take any forks, go straight on S. Gulf Dr.
  8. 1.82 Turn left on the bike path at Hwy 30A.
  9. 2.10 Cross Hwy 30A just before you get to the Gourd Garden shop. Locate the entrance to the Point Washington State Forest trail just to the left of the chain link fence around Collaborations store complex. Enter and continue straight ahead.
  10. 2.37 Continue straight when a path crosses this one.
  11. 2.47 Go right at junction with Cassine Trail. See blue blazed patches on trees that mark the Cassine Trail.
  12. 2.58 Bridge.
  13. 2.63 Bench.
  14. 2.77 Turn left near picnic tables by the lake at end of Cassine trail. Cross bridge along the way. Take a break at the lake edge to your right past the tables.
  15. 2.82 Pass gate.
  16. 2.92 Turn right at T, marked on both sides of the sign.
  17. 3.26 See orange pole marked "4 MILE". This means it is 4 miles from the trail parking lot on Hwy 195.
  18. 3.40 See orange arrow tag for the Eastern Lake trail, on right.
  19. 3.45 Merge with fork in road from right. (Explore this road sometime to see if it is a shortcut to the road noted at 4.52 miles.)
  20. 3.90 Stay right at Road 5.
  21. 3.94 Stay straight at Road 2.
  22. 4.02 Merge with path coming from left.
  23. 4.07 Turn right shortly after passing under power lines.
  24. 4.20 Leave Point Washington State Forest, enter Deer Lake State Park.
  25. 4.52 See road to right.
  26. 4.90 Turn right as leave Deer Lake State Park, back of Seaside Institute by Power Station on Hwy 30A, going west to Heron's Watch Condo,

See the E. Lake Around, Eastern Lake, or the Florida travel page.

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