Eastern Lake looking west from campsites on the pink trail   Eastern Lake looking NW from the campsites on the pink trail

Eastern Lake Viewpoint

From this viewpoint on Eastern Lake in Seagrove Beach, Florida I'm gathering all the other pages that relate to this place, this lookout, and all the different points of view or outlooks they represent. Starting to convert movies that are not working in 2016.

For example, here's a dream experience on the north side of the lake: Glow Beams. See it on Vimeo below or YouTube.


Then there is Wholeo Eyes In Back of Head of 2018 a design concept for a VR glasses headset. The project is an upgrade to the 2005 Eyes in Back of Head. This is a coded QTVR movie that doesn't work in modern browsers.

In 2016, I captured it to a plain movie as I spun it around. As you spin the panorama of the lake around, seen below, the eyes in the back of your head see the opposite view spinning around, see through your skull, above. See it on Vimeo below or on YouTube.

Eyes in Back of Head  

Eastern Lake N from the lake edge Larger image of the dock. Video of 360 view from the middle of the north arm of the lake. See it on Vimeo to the right or on YouTube.

Then there are the invasive/exotic species, a hike around the lake, and a hike from the north shore of the lake. More links planned.

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