Wholeo Eyes in Back of Head

Eastern Lake, morning

A VR Glasses Headset design concept for real time 360° viewing and video. You see what your eyes see in front of you on the right side of the glasses. You see what the rear view camera sees in back of you on the left side of the glasses. Repeat: Right side=in Front. Left side=in Back. With expanding consciousness comes expanded capability. You can do this when you learn how to fully enjoy what is around all the time. Alternatively see the YouTube version of the movie.

Imagine that you had eyes in the back of your head. You could simultaneously see what is directly behind you, as well as what is straight ahead. Two versions of the same QuickTime VR, synchronized 180 degrees from each other, simulate this state on a morning at Eastern Lake, Florida. The rear-view eyes double your vision. This graphic shows the full, flattened 360-degree panorama.


Caroling photographed, stitched the photos, created the video and designed the concept. It is an upgrade to the 2005 Eyes In Back of Head QTVR that I saved to a movie in 2016.

See the Eastern Lake Viewpoint page.

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