Grandma and the butterfly

Our Hands

For the World Wide Panorama June 2011 event with the theme family, I entered our hands.

WWP-611, Caroling Geary See the WWP (Flash or QuickTime) or my QuickTime version. Following are reference images that I used to get the hands relative to each other, mainly to estimate sizes.

father and twin 1 father and youngest son father and mother mother and grandmother twin boys

On the WWP site I wrote: "Everything about this panorama is off-the-cuff and on-the-fly, that is unplanned, relatively measured and casually matched. I caught the hands at different times when each was available and willing to be photographed. Thus each had different and unique exposure, lighting, setting and mood. I tried to match them in Photoshop and color them relatively from memory.

Scale was a major problem. The father had the largest hand but no photo showed me how the rest related to that size. I had to take reference photos of side by side father/young son, father/twin son, mother/father, grandmother/mother, and twin/twin. These could have been, that is, should have been much more accurate and controlled for consistency. The snapshots provided visual cues for rough estimates of the size of each hand relative to the others."

A plus is the butterfly. See Florida Art.

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