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June 20 - June 25, 2006 I'm in New Jersey, the "Garden State". The town is Maplewood. I want to photograph a QTVR for the World Wide Panorama (WWP) event. The theme is "Gardens". For two months of my spring visit here, I've walked to the post office, passing small plantings in front of houses, potted plants in store windows, and volunteers (natives or weeds) sprouting up where ever they can. At first seeing buds of leaves, buds of flowers, then blooms, now some are already withered and gone to seed. Many of the buildings are 75 years old. On the residential street, mature trees and bushes tower over the houses, surrounding them with birdcalls. On the business street, stores and traffic crowd out the plants. I'm drawn to a green strip with an inviting triangular corner garden. During the blazing hot days, the garden is especially healing.

After dawn, in the cool of the morning, just before the solstice on June 21 at 7:21 local time (12:21 UTC), I go around the gate (as shown in the photo above) and enter a garden. There are familiar house and landscape plants. Some look like lily, iris, lilac, and yew. Someone placed the cherub statue, now beat up, but still an expression of ecstatic dance. What was this garden like when planted? Does anyone maintain it? How many of these plants seeded themselves? Mystery entices me to explore each lovely detail. In the center I turn all around,photographing for the WWP panorama. Later in the afternoon I return to photograph the exterior and details on this page. Click a small picture to see a larger one. See also the panoramas.

cherub levitating yew tree fence busters
Yew Tree

QuickTime Panoramas

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