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Buddhists in the Woods, WWP

See the cube as a year: 2009, ending with the movie "Avatar," "I see you" in 3D. See three Buddhists in the woods (ah, those babes are going on, going on beyond). For starters in early January, they give me energy enabling the next New Year's Eve vision at the end of December. The earthball below is a lowly fungus. It opens at the coldest time of the year in bleak areas. No one here seems to care about this plant at all. How marvelous to open Earth's edge, offering spores, sometimes holding water like a cup. Could call it a pore of Gaia. I send it the dream vision vibes, asking it to drum earth, relaying vibes to deer lichen. It is above. While photosynthesizing, it also radiates the good-news vibe.

Pass it on. Coordinates °18'32.50"N and 86° 4'23.30"W.

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event title This is my entry in the World Wide Panorama event: Best of 2009. Links: New Year's Eve dream, Earthballs, Deer Lichen, Buddhists in the Woods panorama (2010).

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