lichen on stage
Over -> lichen. Out -> stage.

Lichen On Stage at Seaside Amphitheater

This spin around is an entry in the World Wide Panorama (WWP) September equinox event, with the theme "Performing Arts", opening on October 2, 2009. Below find location and panorama. On September 21, I was in Seaside near the amphitheater. I wandered onto the grass to eat my Kahlua frozen yogurt in the noonday heat. Nothing was happening onstage or off. My mind wandered to lichens I met in the New Jersey Pinelands. I had been wondering how they related to Florida local lichens of the same Cladoniaceae family. I envisioned putting my own favorite show on the stage. I imagined inviting local lichens from the nearby forests to be an audience.

I did it in Photoshop. The guest performer is a false reindeer lichen from the Pine Barrens, New Jersey. Some of the local lichens gathered on the green around the stage are the same species, Cladonia subtenuis, but in Florida are known as dixie reindeer lichen. My rogue art fiction action seems to have caught the attention of the surrounding buildings, trees, and cars. I feel they are looking on.


Seaside (Seaside Institute) is a planned community on the Emerald Coast of NW Florida panhandle, known for its successful innovation of New Urbanism. Behind the modest post office building that faces Scenic Highway 30-A is a small stage that opens to an expansive green amphitheater ringed with stores, restaurants, a bank, a bookstore, and other businesses. Many things happen in the amphitheater: free concerts, fairs, meetings, yard sales, exhibits, dances. The Seaside Repertory Theatre is in a nearby building. Coordinates: 30°18' 45.5'N 086°06' 06.0"W. Other pages about Seaside.

The Panorama

There are four ways to view the same scene: QuickTime medium or full screen (1.6 MB). Flash medium or full screen (2MB).


Pentax Optio W30, equivalent to 38 mm film camera, ISO 100, f/6.6 at 1/320 second. 13 exposures stitched in Apple QuickTime VR Authoring Studio, also creating the QuickTime panoramas. Flash panoramas created with Pano2VR 2.2.3. Image manipulation in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

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