Solstice NYC yoga in Times Square

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Raising Vibrations

My entry for the World Wide Panorama (WWP) event for June, 2008, with the theme Elevation, has three stages. First came the study in wavelengths of vibe graphics. Then came photographs of an event: Solstice in Times Square, stitched together as shown on this page. The first two constitute the creative phase, completed in the June 19-22 timeframe. Later I combine the two into a panorama for the World Wide Panorama site in the third phase, to be published on the WWP site on July 6.

The Solstice in Times Square yoga event was titled "Mind Over Madness". It featured yoga sessions from dawn to dusk. I participated in a 1.5 hour session of Bikram yoga from 12 noon to 1:30 in the afternoon. Usually Bikram yoga is done in a heated room. When the sun came out over Times Square, we were hot and sweating. Which reminds me of the WWP theme: elevation.

Doing yoga elevates physical ability, mental control, and spiritual awareness. My personal performance was a surprise. Most poses were new twists on familiar ones, but my body went into them more easily than usual. Also I held the poses and stayed balanced longer than usual. Was my level raised by the group intention? It seemed like I was elevated by the yoga event.

This panoramic image shows the students before class starts. After the class, South Korean TV interviewers asked me about being the oldest person there (73 years old). They wondered how the crowds and chaos of this urban crossroads affected me. I said that the focus of yoga creates a harmonious inner state where I am aware of the surroundings but not distracted by them. I was affected by the yoga practitioners but New York city didn't bother me at all. It must have been energizing.

The larger picture calls out items of interest and has more detailed descriptions. See it on this page.

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