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Raising Vibrations panorama

This spin around is an entry in the World Wide Panorama (WWP) June 2008 event, with the theme "Elevation", opening on July 6, 2008.

On June 19 I made a panoramic study of wavelengths from red to violet, from the bottom to the top of the sphere, from few long red, through increasingly shorter and higher frequency middle of the spectrum orange through yellow, green, blue green and blue, to violet and magenta rounding the color wheel. Which would return to red in a following color sphere. Spinning the sphere gives the feeling of raising vibrations of colored light.

On June 21 I raised vibrations as part of Solstice in Times Square, New York City. It was a day-long, dawn-to-dusk yoga fest titled "Mind Over Madness", featuring classes, tips, and sitar music on open land between 46th, 47th, 7th Ave. and Broadway. I took the Bikram Yoga class from 12 noon to 1:30 in the afternoon. Usually this is done in a heated room but here the hot summer weather helped. The group spirit definitely raised performance. I learned new forms of old poses and was able to hold them longer than usual.

Just before class started, I took 17 photos, handheld. From the photos I created a cylindrical panorama and added it to the vibe study, showing a specific context for raising vibrations. That's the basis for the spherical QuickTime panorama on this page.

Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated). Try the full-screen version.

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