Mary Ellen White

My sister, Mary White, was born Mary Ellen Lind. In the 60s she became Mel White. After raising her family, she became a world traveler. Some news is an article in Cruising World magazine, the August 1999 issue. It is called "Outward to the sea, inward to me". In it she writes about becoming a singlehander on her boat. In 2013 she published a book of her adventures sailing the yacht SAPO. See "At Less Than Walking Speed: My singlehanded voyage in tropical seas around most of the world", at

sis and dad with cornHere she is as a young teen with our father, measuring the corn. We had a big victory garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that continued after victory in WWII.

Here are a some portraits high school portrait (high schooler), adult age (adult), sailor (traveler).

Here are pictures she sent me. sailor As sailor, with son. Mary Ellen on Iver As writer on second boat, IVER. See boat page. See her on the family ancestral page. See some of her jewelry and photos in the gallery of art in my collection.

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