Vision Quest, Equinox September 1999

Where I live, about 4:23 or 4:31 (PDT) on September 23, 1999 is the time of the fall or autumnal equinox. (That is 11:23 or 11:31 Universal Time, from two different sources.) When celebrating that moment, in the southern hemisphere of earth, it might be a different day, but it is called the spring or vernal equinox. Anywhere though, night and day are equal in length. And it really happens at exactly the same moment or instant all over earth.

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This September the Wholeo equinox features a vision quest at the Great Spirit Path. The setting is part of a stone poem located beside the San Francisco bay in northern California, USA. The quest is for visions on the equinox. Hold your pointer over the vision quest icon to send vibes. Then click to enter.
vision quest icon


The United Nations sponsors a World Peace day global event at noon where you are on September 21. That is 12 o'clock midday on the third Tuesday in September. Take a minute to stand in silent solidarity to support the United Nations General Assembly delegates as they begin the year's work. See World Peace day.

For more events, see Global Meditations and Wrinkle links (this is Wrinkle 8, coming up). Stargates of Earth Link Mission. The first of the Gates opens on September 19, so the 12 days before the Gate begin on September 12th, a few days from now. The last Gate on September 21, and add 12 days for the energies to integrate and wind down, is October 3rd!

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