Inner eye model

Equinox March 1999, . W . a . t . e . r .

Here's a cushion to sit on while contemplating water. Waa .... t ....errrr.


cave 12 Water. Is it running? Springing? Falling? Is it being wasted or polluted? Is it safe? Are you drinking enough to cushion all your cells and float all your processes? Are you dried out? How much of your pain is your body crying out for water? Your headache? Your stomachache? Your joints? Your heart? Your muscles? Do all the creatures and living things on earth have the water they need and deserve? Will the future be wet enough?

cave entranceW a t e r, itself one of four ancient elements, is a transformer, able to mimic the others. As ice, clings to earth. As steam, burns like fire. As evaporation, mists into air. Then suddenly rains down as itself again to flow, recycling endlessly.

ocean tide in . W . a . t . e . r . Our best friend. Symbol of connection, conductivity, and our unconscious. Go to sit in a cave. See the water at the entrance. Watch the ocean ebb and flow. Honor precious water.

On the March equinox, 1998, my meditation vision was of a dolphin, language, and save the seas.

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