Caroling - Equinox March 1998 meditation report

Inner eye model Where I live, 11:55 AM on March 20, 1998 is the time of the spring or vernal equinox. See whales, or events, or meditation.

Save the whales, save our seas

At 6 AM I remembered a dream or reverie. Hamister, my whale guide, is floating motionless, as usual. But a screaming sound is blotting out all consciousness. Like blue angel aircraft overhead. Or like electric saw. Continuous, filling all mind, stopping awareness of anything else. Totally disabilitating. That's it. Doesn't stop. What can I do about it?

Started to see that tuning into whale's sound world actually changes it. It's like what we do at a rock concert or at Niagra Falls. We raise the threshold of our sensitivity and shout. Only when the sound is so loud that it damages our ear drums are we unable to communicate. With the whales this is true and more. It is frequency that they communicate with and that is higher than frequencies that we put into the ocean. Not sure about the skies. Like what happens when they breach and are assaulted by the TV and radio FM?

But the loud, low frequency sound is dangerous because it can wound the individual close to the source. Even with that danger, there's lots more we can do in communication. If we tune in and care, the whales pay attention and we can communicate that way. By paying attention. So if we have to live with this noise, there is a lot more we can do. If the navy would test that, they'd really have something. But there's more to the sound debate than the whales. It is like cloning, in the moral debate. Do we have a right to use the conductivity of the ocean for our messages? Imagine the countless undiscovered species that are being affected, maybe unto extinction by these tests. Share the scream. That's the motto. Up your threshold to that. As I continued to tune in I began to cry for the deafened dolphins. No way back for them. More info, background, addresses on LFAS protest. Also, see my channeling on dolphin language.

Equinox events

At 11 AM I photographed a panorama for a Wrinkle in Time 2. Took the pictures to be developed. By 11:50 I was at the sculpture, where I've celebrated many recent solstices and equinoxes.

I stood in the sun path rift in the sculpture. Dolphins need an ear lid. Just like we have an eye lid to shut out light. The odd angles of the sculpture parts throw me off balance like the moon cave at Machu Picchu. The ground looks parched. There is a big vibe in the sculpture.

Stargate meditation

{There are many obscure references in these unedited notes. Sorry. Please pass them by.}

On the morning of the 21st of March at 7:21 AM, I at in EIE in lostNfound. Mostly ecstacy. Mostly color which has not much to report, or even remember, so edgeless. Actually near the beginning, pressure down and in like I'm expanding rapidly. And the columnar feeling, like channeling. And the connection feeling. Like the intimacy of the Wrinkle connection sort of extended to all earthlings and earthstuff. Closed eyes and melted. Yet shimmered in the wonder of it all. See the whales with the deafening sound. Yet this vibration is the stuff of their dreams and they love it. Not sure to what extent they contributed to my high or what coming from beyond, stargate energies. Actually could relate to the idea of finding a key and aligning to purpose. Thought of the idea of Stargate essences and the extent this spirit stuff is hype for selling the essences. But I get that they are sincere. Essences are sacraments and genuinely helpful. I'm glad they exist. If I had unlimited funds, I would buy some and am sure they would further.

At one point saw a dark pod develop in the seething see of color, which was mostly orchid and tones of it. The pod was like sides of a mountain being illuminated by a light source to the upper left, so the shadow to right and down. It grew firmer and darker and then burst in some way. Strange, I remember the darks but not what happened with the disapation. It happened over and over again several times.

After about 20 minutes I didn't want to stop, but I wanted to write to capture some of the great insights. But thought of Chris, Chizan (Chiku Jo Ho Zan or Christopher Pirsig) and how this is his 8gate sitting and how I should honor the 40 minutes zen sitting passed to me by Nancy and Bob Pirsig. I'm glad I did.

Oh, was it the bogus UFO? Yes. The darks might have been related to this. I think this is what happened, although I might be stringing visions into a story. But clearly, at one point there was an alien influence coming in and taking advantage of my involvement, my attention. Being at the Gaia point, access to Two Thumbs handy, I channeled it to the Tuatara People and the UFO. That was the solution. Not sure if I am right. But it is what I feel comfortable with. I must trust my guidance.

I remember Scruffrug down in the depths of the ocean. Old flounderfringe moves at last, after a year of submersion. Of melding to earthcore through the ocean floor. Roused by the stargate energies, ripples. And it is the fish connection, really sealife (seelife?) connection all over. Flickers self and shower emits to all earth. Actually, activiates shower existing. But with Chizan flowerness and Patricia petals of each node. And all the more of the shower that I've discovered in carolyoga. And the whales love it in particular.

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