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Wholeo Online, news and history 2

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 2. See 1999 News for News 3, edition 3. See also, announcements.

meditationpath icon Dec 14, '98 Same links as last week, with much, much more. Meditation graphics. Path icon for Dec 98 solstice pages.

Dec 7, '98 Opening page and flyer for the solstice galactic alignment. New QTVRs. "Opening Inner Eye" sculpture.

Nov 30, '98 Kauai travel pictures-- linked to inner eye envisioned there. The December 1998 solstice season page links to new panoramas of the celestial sphere year and inner eye on galaxy.

Nov 23, '98 Deepened the haptihedron info with rhombicuboctahedron and vector equilibrium transition structures of consciousness. Joined the New Millenia Web Ring.

Nov 16, '98 December solstice graphic series (QTVRs). Family page, continued with more pictures of Elizabeth, my daughter.

Nov 9, '98 Another preview, link to Cosmic Juices. Back to nature: the Foothills Park bench. 31 great circles (InnerEIE). Family page, continued.

Nov 2, '98 Now going inside the structures of consciousness. Back to the site preview, where now there are links from some of the structures to immersive views. Here are the new views. Cube. Haptihedron. Dodecahedron. EIE.

Oct 26, '98 Looking forward to the December solstice. The QTVR panorama of the week is a view from the eye of Gaia.

Oct 19, '98 US citizens: censure and Move On! Work-in-progress. A celestial sphere of the year with links to QTVRs. A thought of the week about what to look for in dolphin language. Channeling of guidance from one Edgar J. Lee, in a new section under Lookout.

Oct 12, '98 Back to the sacred whirl, with a new concept, the comix, or series of panoramas, linked from side-to-side. Introducing this experience is a lateral development of the "there is no mountain" QTVR panorama. It is called "More No Mountain".

Oct 5, '98 All that is new is a nerdy description of the steps to create the equinox color panoramas.

September 28, '98 Colors for consciousness, the equinox color healing. IMAGINE rug takeoff page.

September 21, '98 For the equinox a new color healing space is in action.

September 14, '98 Equinox coming. See a 3D mandala as a prototype of 5D vision. It is moving, informing, yet centered. The Evolutionary EIEball comes in graphics and a movie. Also, a feedback page for the wakeup word, Shekinah.

September 7, '98 For the Sacred Worlds project entry work, additions include a newly redone panorama in a scene of all three.

August 31, '98 Then there is no mountain, a second part of the entry work related to the Sacred Worlds project. Start of Mt. Shasta travel and Staten Island art. Addition of a QuickTime 3 movie to the afterimage color page. For Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

August 24, '98 Entry work related to the Sacred Worlds project. From the road in the same setting, see the redone graphics for Cold Creek Canyon source.

August 17, '98 A new art fiction story started last week. For more, see the ongoing story of Elobeing evolution.

August 10, '98 Zygote splits!! See the new page: Announcements 1.

August 3, '98 Above the White Mountains in a paraglider, looking north. See it from blue energy sacred space. Explore the background art expressions. I even took a stand on energy itself.

July 27, '98 Major unseen work on evolutionary design. Small additions as follow. Wholeo dome storage. Design of evolutionary design wing. Scruffrug introduction.

*** warning *** QuickTime Macintosh users: there is a new Macintosh-only virus. To prevent infection, turn off "CD-ROM AutoPlay" in the QuickTime Settings Control Panel. *** end warning ***

July 20, '98 White Mountains photos are started. Meanwhile, I'm working on evolutionary design, requiring weeks of development before going online. A few new links are in for Lookout 2000, Y2K and forest.

July 13, '98 Gateway of Dreams movies. Walk around the sculpture in an object QTVR. Look around from within the gate in a QTVR panorama.

July 6, '98 You can search Wholeo Online. People in the USA celebrate Independence Day. That page leads to a big bang of color healing for Elizabeth OMlulu on the way to the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel (not new). Now more of the story is told on a series of home pages.

gateway June 29, '98 June solstice greeting the light at the Gateway of Dreams sculpture environment.

June 22, '98 The A new rune: OMlulu cast itself into Color Weather. Updated the Roadster User site for the new owner of SuperCard and FlameThrower. In 2002, changed to Solutions Etcetera

June 15, '98 The Overall Tetrahedron structure. Here are the animations of tet building, opposing faces, and a vision of how it looks when consciousness expands. What you can do comes later.

June 8, '98 Onward to basics. Introduction to the tetrahedron as a structure of consciousness and psychtronic generator. That is performing energy transformations. Next week look for animations of what happens, how consciousness expands, and what you can do.

June 1, '98 Work continues on Wholeo CD, background material for this web site on CD-ROM. Love Always, Leo is the first CD, in progress. Also, paragliding photos by Leo Geary from the early days in New Zealand, 1988-1990 (big download of many little pictures). (Quicker, word link version.)

May 25, '98 Meet Wholeo's mascot. This access path page lets you open the various Wholeo Online pages where you can see the mascot. A memorial for Arjan Ala by Scott Horton tells the story of a flying friendship the day of Leo Geary's last flight.

May 18, '98 Towards that millennium moment, lookout and lookin. New graphics and panoramas that mix opposites for your visual exploration.

May 11, '98 You can give color healing by computer light. Introducing new rainbow colored altars. Also, choose altars by picture.

May 4, '98 A new Wrinkle in Time 2 page contains awards and haiku poems. The Wholeo Online awards are a non-official guide to panoramas that I liked.

Apr 27, '98 A new design site contains my response to an invitation to exhibit at an external site. There are two new panoramas on the theme: revolving.

Apr 20, '98 Inside EIE, within the wrinkling wave of the Mar 30 news. Come into my living room, a studio for transformation and evolution. So far, the site, pictures, and web presentation are it. Yes, I know that you need to know more. What is it all about? Why and for whom? How do I get around the pages, help! For direct access to any view, use the popup window with maps. Later, I promise the telling details.

Apr 6, '98 April 22-23 events.

Mar 30, '98 A Wrinkle in Time 2. Two QuickTime virtual reality (QTVR) panoramas from the world-wide shoot on the equinox.

Mar 23, '98 Equinox news and report.

Mar 16, '98 Read what they said to celebrate his life at Leo Geary's service. Added tiny drawings to On the Way to Machu Picchu. This week, Friday, focus on the equinox.

grasshopper Mar 9, '98 On the Way to Machu Picchu is a book of black and white drawings. The story is a trip to Peru and Bolivia in South America, going around high Lake Titicaca for inner and outer adventure. Here I am communing with a grasshopper at Tiahuanaco.

Zen/0 notation Feb 27, '98 Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero is a hyperBook with notation. All stacks are now webbed, starting at Zen/0.

Feb 16, '98 Introducing new map and path pages. On the graphic sub-Map you can reach any sub-topic of the main sections directly. A rainbow-colored wedge stands for a path. On the OMlulu path graphic you can reach OMlulu pages directly. These files are scattered all over the map, so the path page helps you stay on track.

Feb 14, '98 Special Valentines Day event for OMlulu. The OMlulu page says "Happy Birthday, OMlulu".

Feb 9, '98 The publishing schedule is on target for a Valentine Day event for OMlulu. The OMlulu page is somewhere between Elizabeth and the process of attention. Here are graphics to make sense of ideas.

Feb 2, '98 For OMlulu, here is a chart of attention based on process-oriented programming (POP). It links to aspects of the spirit of OMlulu.

Jan 19, '98 Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero Journal, Noint Joint, first, and last stacks are now webbed.

Jan 12, '98 StartingZen and the Art of Dividing by Zero.
See another Quicktime VR (QTVR) panorama, shot for the World Tour and Spin-o-Rama. See the Apple Computer sculpture garden.

Jan 5, '98 An introduction and a few pages of Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero are ready.

Jan 1, '98 A new small focus point for meditation together is on the altar page. Press the Ever button.

Dec. 30, '97 The Vibe Coloring Book is here for the New Year.

Dec. 22, '97 Here are some photos from a spontaneous Solstice gathering of folks at the Paseo de los Suenos, the Pathway of Dreams sculpture. This is in Sunnyvale, California, in Silicon Valley. We came to see the dawn. My Quicktime VR panorama of the place is work in progress at World Shoot I. Also, see Expansion of Consciousness, a stained glass window.

Dec. 15, '97 Irony and Paradox (thought of the week). The final installment of the book, Wonder in Aliceland is in. If you aren't familiar with Wholeo books, see the introduction.

Memory Beads and Spirit Coil Dec. 8, '97 The sixth installment of the book, Wonder in Aliceland is in. The new pages 94-115 start with the Health Aura and Connectors. For pictures of New Zealand's Two Thumb Range, see Happy Solstice Greeting.

Dec. 1, '97 The fifth installment of the book, Wonder in Aliceland is in. The new pages 70-93 start with the The Pineal Body.

11-27-97 Happy Thanksgiving. Even to those around the world who don't celebrate this holiday today, here's some color food, for which I give thanks. An ally appears, yellow gold-greenish.

11-24-97 The fourth installment of the book, Wonder in Aliceland is in. The new pages 58-69 start with the Consciousness and Memory.

11-17-97 The third installment of the book, Wonder in Aliceland is in. The new pages 40-57 start with the Incoming Sensations. Related images are beginning to be linked with this icon Related image
Wholeo, the stained glass dome, now has an intro page. There are links to feedback, conditions for showing the dome, Stained Glass Lib (a magazine article), and the exhibit.

11-10-97 To keep news to a reasonable length, there is a new edition. Previous news is here. The second installment of the book, Wonder in Aliceland is in. The new pages 24-39 start with the Spirit Coil.

News 1, edition 1 . 1997 News Feb 14 - Nov 2. See 1999 News for News 3, edition 3. {Back to top of page}

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