US Citizens: Censure and Move On

I've been part of an extraordinary online campaign called Censure and Move On. A QUARTER MILLION individuals on the Internet are now part of this campaign. We believe it is time for the government to simply censure President Clinton and move on to pressing matters facing the nation. We are nonpartisan, yet we intend to express in this coming election a popular mandate the leadership in Washington can't deny.

It's easy to be a part of this:

  1. Sign up at logo -- it just takes a minute, and

I've been disgusted lately with the events in the capital, but I really believe we have a chance to make a difference. Here is an email memo:

Let's move on.Subject: reaches 1/4 Million
Date: 21 Oct 1998 04:39:33 -0000
From: "Censure and Move On" 

With more than a QUARTER MILLION signups, is now the largest
"cyber-petition" in history.  Our challenge now is to convert pure numbers
into electoral action.

We can end this thing.  We have to keep pushing.

Firstly, we must continue to build our numbers.  If everyone who's already
signed, signs up three others, we'll have a million signatures -- a number
no politician can ignore.  So,

(1) Ask all adult members of your household if you can sign them up.
(2) For your friends without email, print out and circulate our new paper
(3) Tell at least three more friends by email about the petition.

To spread the word,
(1) Print our bumper sticker on your color printer, and affix to your car.

(2) Download a graphic link to and place it on your website. If you can volunteer your time, check out Volunteers are helping in each locale deliver our message to press and to candidates. Why do all this? Because this movement is changing the political landscape. Politicians are listening and a groundswell of popular sentiment is taking shape. To see our latest press release describing our efforts and the early results, check out Feel free to pass on the press release to any interested press contacts you might have. To see excerpts from the Washington Post and S.F. Chronicle on the impact our campaign has had on political decision making, Thank you for your help and support. You will hear more from us as the election approaches. -Wes Boyd Censure and Move On.

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