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Subject: Fly the Flag
Date: 23 Jan 1999
From: "Censure and Move On" 

Here is a great suggestion from one of our volunteers, John Samuelson.
John is 78 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida.  

If you fly the flag, let us know by mailing us at ""    

_______________                              -WB.

Fly the flag to support the President

     All over the country people are trying to get through to the Congress
that they don't like what is being done our to our President and to our
country. The Congress doesn't believe that the people will do anything, so
they continue on their path of self-destruction and have no regard for our
country's welfare.

     I want to let them know we care. 

     I don't have great resources and I can't do all the things I want but I
can fly my flag to support my President.  I've got one through my
Representative that flew over the Capitol in Washington.  So yesterday I put
it out in front of my house.

     I told my friends and today they are putting their's up all over the
country.  Fly a small one from your car antenna.  All this doesn't cost a
fortune but millions of flags will make a statement.

     So fly the flag, show your patriotism, and pass the word.

John A. Samuelson
Censure and Move On.
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