Move On -- We Will Remember

Here is an email memo:
Subject: We will remember
Date: 14 Oct 1999
From: "WesBoyd," 

Dear MoveOn Petitioners,

On Wednesday the Senate rejected the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty,
torpedoing international nuclear nonproliferation efforts.  The gross
irresponsibility and crass partisanship of this reckless act is staggering.

Our nation could and should lead the world into a non-nuclear future.  But
we won't until we retire some of these cold war dinosaurs and extremists
from Congress.

To change Congress, MoveOn has been collecting pledges of time and money for
year 2000 congressional campaigns.  More than 30,000 individuals have
pledged.  Can you help?

To pledge dollars, go to

To pledge your time, go to

As the election season heats up, we will be highlighting key races for your
consideration.  We've already identified five great candidates.  With just a
few mouseclicks and keystrokes, you can lend support to these candidates now

If each of us does our part, we'll make history in the year 2000.

-Wes Boyd

P.S. For more background on MoveOn fundraising efforts, including an excerpt
from a USA Today cover story, see

For more information on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, go to

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