US Citizens: Censure and Move On - A call for republicans

Here is an email memo:
Dear MoveOn Petitioners,

I've received hundreds of messages from Republicans who are frustrated and
angry with the actions of the Republican majority in Congress.  They too
feel unheard by their representatives, but also by their party.  To help
give voice to these anti-impeachment Republicans, we are starting a new web
page in partnership with Larry Rockefeller.  Mr. Rockefeller is a
Republican, an environmental attorney, and nephew of the late Nelson
Rockefeller, Vice President under Gerald Ford.

We strongly encourage Republican members of MoveOn to add their statements
to this page at:

We will compile and transmit this feedback to key members of Congress and
Republican party leadership. 

-Wes Boyd
Censure and Move On.
Note: to see Larry Rockefeller's statement, go to the page listed in the email, and click on the "what other anti-impeachment republicans think" link.
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