Move On -- We Will Act

Here is an email memo:
Subject: We will act
Date: 27 Jan 1999
From: "Censure and Move On" 

It's clear that we need a change in Congress.  The Senate is now opening the
trial to witnesses.  We can expect the trial to dominate the national stage
for weeks or months to come.

We will not only remember.  We will act.

After the house vote on impeachment, we began our "We will remember"
campaign. In one month, more than 20,000 individuals have pledged more than
13 million dollars for congressional candidates in the year 2000
(  This is incredible -- it's never been
done before.  But it's not enough.  To change politics in this country, we
need to get personally involved.

We ask you to join us in pledging to "work to elect candidates who
courageously address key national issues and who reject the politics of
division and personal destruction." We are each pledging our valuable time
and energy to candidates in the year 2000.

If you will join in this volunteerism pledge, go to

Whether 5 hours or 500 hours, your commitment of time will be a gift to the
nation. will tally these pledges and announce an army of
volunteers committed to changing how business is done in Washington.

-Wes Boyd

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