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Here is an email memo on February 29, 2000, from Wes Boyd of It includes a link to a list of house members and how they voted on impeachment.

The election season has begun in earnest.  Much is at stake.  A few key
races will determine whether new leadership will take Congress into the next
century.  MoveOn will work to highlight opportunities to make a difference
in this crucial year.

For February, we have six new candidates we are highlighting for support. 
They can be found at

Included on this list are Bill Nelson, running strongly in Florida against
impeachment manager Bill McCollum for U.S. Senate; Jim Matheson, challenging
former conservative radio talk show host Rep. Merrill Cook in Utah; and
Representative Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, running against Sen. Spencer
Abraham, who torpedoed bipartisan efforts to spare our nation a full-blown
impeachment trial.

Online donation is extremely fast, simple, and secure through 
The website also supports conventional contribution by paper check. 
Contributions through go entirely to these excellent candidates.

Moderates have a real chance to take control of Congress in 2000.  It's time
for the broad center of this country to reassert control of our political
process.  And the Internet will be key, making it possible for busy people
to be effective citizens.

Other MoveOn resources:
(1) A complete list of MoveOn highlighted candidates:

(2) A "We will remember" guide to upcoming House races, with each House
    member's impeachment vote:

The time is ripe for change.  Your efforts and support will make a


-Wes Boyd


In December, we were notified that is the grand prize winner of
the Golden Dot Award.  Sponsored by the George Washington Graduate School of
Political Management, the Golden Dot is the premier award for innovation in
online political advocacy.  The award press release can be found at

In addition, recent press coverage, including a January 31 Wall Street
Journal article on the success and importance of MoveOn's online fund
raising effort can be found at

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