Moving on

Email from Move On:

Date: 12 Feb 1999 
From: "" 
Subject: Moving On

The President has been acquitted.  Although it took far longer than all of
us had hoped, the country will now move on.

You have made a difference.  Many of you worked very hard to be heard by
Congress.  You were heard.  Attached below is a letter we received this week
from Congresswomen Zoe Lofgren confirming your impact.  Our grassroots
effort played a key role in bolstering opposition to impeachment.

We've also established the Internet as an important new democratic medium:
500,000 petitions signed, millions of emails to Congress, more than a
quarter million phone calls, $13 million in pledged dollars, seven hundred
thousand hours of pledged time.  You've made history.

The damage done by impeachment will depend on how Americans respond.  If we
take this episode as a wake-up call, and make a real change in Congress,
history will record this chapter as the end of an era of partisan warfare
and the beginning of a democratic renaissance.

MoveOn's mission in the next two years will be to make effective citizen
participation as easy as possible.

We will:
   * Monitor and oppose renewal of the Independent Counsel statute,
   * Monitor emerging congressional candidates in your area and across the
   * Make it easy to contribute time, money and support to campaigns.

It's time for a change in Congress.  We need new talent and new vision.  We
need a focus on issues, not partisanship.  Our early money, time and support
will be key elements in making this possible.

If you'd like to take an active part in forming MoveOn's future plans and
are not already a MoveOn volunteer, sign up at

There's a lot of good work to do.

Signing off for now,

-Wes Boyd and Joan Blades
February 10, 1999 When Radical Republicans hijacked the Constitution and misused impeachment for partisan purposes, I worked on the House Judiciary Committee in an effort to stop them. We lost all the votes along party lines. But, as we worked, Americans spoke out. Thousands of people, many working through, helped give me and my colleagues reinforcement for our efforts. While we couldn't dissuade Republicans in the House of Representatives, the overwhelming voice of Americans helped the United States Senate to end this madness. Your voices made a difference. But your job won't be done until Americans deliver an "electoral rebuke" to Republican Impeachers in the 2000 Congressional elections. That will dissuade later Congresses from the future partisan misuse of impeachment. Best, Zoe Lofgren.
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