Once upon a time I made a stained glass dome, put it out in the sun daylight, and went inside. There I basked in rainbow-colored light to my heart's content. I could move to be in a single color, prismed spectrums, banded afterimages, or color combinations. Whatever felt right. It was healing, color healing. But such color space is hard to maintain, difficult to move, and is limited to a few. For years now, I've been gathering colored light from the electron guns spraying my computer screen.

An altar is a change of pace. It appears in this separate window so you can keep it ready for a break. No headings or links remind you of where you have been, where you are relative to other spaces, or where you might go next. The altar lets you be here now. An altar is color light space in the busy Web.

Go to an altar for itself. Here's a small Wholeo focal point.

Or use an altar as a background for another browser page or program window, which is minimized as a focus. Here is an example of the magenta temple used as a background for a color healing. In this way, you can place things upon the altar. Another example is popping up all the colors of the spectrum to grace your screen and feed your pineal gland.

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