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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Here are some haiku poems that came up between people working on Wrinkle in Time 2 Quicktime VR project for Earth Day. Here also are awards for each panorama in the show. Well, there would be if there were world enough and time. In fact, there are a few awards, which are my (Caroling's) way of expressing appreciation for what I've seen. I'll add to them as I am able to see more of the show. It takes awhile. If you haven't been there, click the banner, then return.

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Wrinkle 2 Haiku

Haikus 2 and 4 are real, written by people on the Wrinkle 2 email list. I massaged haikus 1 and 3 from haiku-like comments on the list.

1. Haiku-o-rama (March 20)

Off to shoot pano
     Light drizzle, may turn to snow 
            Hope turns out OK

2. hmmm (March 22)

by Robert Abbett
another wrinkle
     a gathering of new friends
           spirit hands in hand

3. Memo to myself: about film (March 23)

hike 3 miles straight up
    a lot of scenic beauty
        take more than 1 roll

4. Obligatory haiku (March 26)

by Doug Spencer
Immersed in moments
    Spun from the worlds splendid views
         Write if you find work

(Hmmm, the last lines always the toughest, haungh?)

Wrinkle 2 Awards

I presented preliminary Wholeo Online Wrinkle 2 Awards to the email list. Someone objected. Here are the grounds for objection and my responses.
Panographer's ObjectionCaroling's Response
....oouuaaggh!! Oh, no!
Only the creator of the earth and her beauty should give awards. I'm not posing as an authority or final judge.
This is too subjective. Yes, it is subjective and I might change my mind at any time.

So far I've seen less than half the panos. On with the awards.