Caroling -- Greetings, Independence Day, July, 1998

Inner eye model

The fourth of July is USA holiday. But since we seem to be winning (at least for the moment) in the cold war, perhaps it is somewhat appropriate globally. If freedom hadn't burst out here, would France have done it at the Bastille? And would the powers that be in China let US President Clinton say that he believes "we are all God's children"? Argh. I thought he was supposed to protect my freedom of belief, not spread his around. Double argh. However, to me, everything has spirit. HO! So who am I to talk?

Instead, today, I find color healing irrepressible. It has spread to the Bristlecone Medicine Wheel, whizz-raisined back to 1994, and given a whirl to the Elizabeth. There she stands grinning, like pie-in-face, like, it is all very funny. If you could hear her laugh, you would laugh too.

Here she is before. And here she is after. And here is the color healing that is responsible for this midsummer festivity. See the next step, July 4, 2000.

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