Elizabeth, July 4 celebration

come heal whirl

Rubbing place, person, and colors

We often send colors to a person. For example, you might give vivid red flower blooms to a sick person. Or you might think angry red thoughts at a bad driver of another car. Healing on the other hand, often means removing something harmful. In both sending or taking, the goal is to help the person be healthy.

This color healing series is both of the above and more. With sympathetic magic, it sends the color healing right around Elizabeth in the photo -- infusing the image. Yet intuitively, I softened, moved, and changed the colors to bring out Elizabeth's own natural aura -- revealing the vision. The colors are like rubbing a pencil over paper to capture the texture of something under the paper.

The graphic to the right shows how I hope Elizabeth feels as she tunes into her colors and color healing.

The original of this photo is on this page. July 4, 1998 . See July 4, 2000 version (same basic idea, different way to express it, as animation).

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