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Art in Monte Rio - sculpture

"Opening Inner Eye" is a figure made to be seated within a model of a geometrical form. The form is an expanded bunch of squares and triangles that I called a Movey or Haptihedron. The model was made of glass, which smashed in a 1989 earthquake. The Movey represented expanding awareness or consciousness. Another version became part of a window, Expanding Consciousness. See the study for the TLM inside.

The figure shows the state literally. It splits open, revealing a core visionary eye. So here you see the figure. It's made of wax, which could be cast in bronze. The core is painted wood wound with copper wire coils inducing magnetic fields both ways.

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In 1998 part of healing. The figure has taken on a digital life of its own. Now it is seated in galactic alignment opening the inner eye.

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