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Thought of the Week

The latest thought is first, the rest of the entries are history.Very few thoughts are recorded. Even less are published.

Mar 26 2013 In 2011 blogging is here, 2012, and 2013, hopefully continuing.

Oct 9 2004 Thoughts go blog or a blogging. See wholeoBlog.html (now obsolete) .

Sep 29 2002 Thank Goddess, a solution to the pledge of allegiance problem. I support my community, my government. That includes county, state, country, and United Nations. I have a problem with limiting allegiance to anything less than the whole or less than one world. Nations must not be claiming separate connections to the divine. Therefore if I replace the words "under God" with "under Goddess", I can speak in sync with the group pledging and add an element of balance. Goddess being the nurturing aspect of the infinite is not only on our side, but attunes us to the whole, the other side.

Feb 1 1999 Move On!

Thinking about the continued waste going on in the government of the USA. That is, our elected officials have lost perspective and are endangering our democracy in their petty fights about President Clinton. I'm for the movement, "Censure, and move on". There's an old zen story that applies.

Two zen monks are walking on a mountain trail and stop where a stream floods the path. A woman is waiting there and does not dare to cross. The monks can ford the stream. The first monk picks her up and carries her across the water to the other side. As the monks continue walking, the second monk expresses outrage. "How can you have touched that woman? Don't your vows mean anything? What kind of a monk are you? What is wrong with you?" The first monk says, "I put the woman down back there beside the river. But you are still carrying her."

Dec 12 1997 Irony and Paradox (excerpt from Journal12-17-94)

Irony is that the most beautiful winter holiday display I've ever seen was on grass. Close-knit green intense lush carpet where somehow were strewn fallen petals, of glorious rose. Then mushrooms of delicate fawn nuzzling up through the tight curly grass. Tawny taupes and earth colors dappling the front of the lawn and then under rich green glossy leaved bush, plops of bright oranges. Ironical that it wasn't intended as decoration and noone but me knew of the effect it was having. An irony is something that could be changed, given a different circumstance.

Paradox is that what really matters about life on earth is spirit. The spirit of a thing, our spirit, is what is important to us, about us. Spirit really matters. What seems most real is our inner spirit and yet it seems the most difficult to share. It is what is most important to each person, yet others can seem unaware and unabashedly indifferent. We know we are one in the spirit, yet we can't connect. A paradox is an untied knot. The more I seek to unravel it, the tighter it unties. It seems that paradoxes are inevitable and unchangable. To understand a paradox is to have completely opposed and denied it, to have fought it and sought to resolve it in any way possible. It represents a major breakthrough of insight to have finally surrendered opposition and accept the paradoxical truth. Understanding a paradox is itself a paradox. How can a surrender be a victory?

Oct 12 1997 For John Denver

Every time I lift my eyes up to the sky, I cry
for the one who fell down.
And my tears follow him down into earth.
Every time I see birds flying, death defying,
I wonder how can they stay up? It's not fair.
Every time I look at the sky, there's a hole in the air.
He's not there. No fair.

9/22/97 My friends don't have time to look at my Web pages. They must use the Web for business and to find information. They are so overwhelmed by the hows and toos of it. How and too long, much, many, demanding, and invasive it is. They are trying to filter out messages, get off email lists, prioritize use, not see ads, avoid downloads, turn off animations. In general they struggle to not be overwhelmed, while still keeping active in their field. They don't even like computer screens.

When I tell them what I'm doing on my Web site they get as excited as I am. Use the Web as an art form, that sounds great. They don't really see it in context of their Web time. That is, if I ask them to check out one page, they say "sure, send me the URL." But do they do it? No. Have lunch, fine. Go for a walk, fine. Talk on the phone, fine. But look at my Web site? Usually no go.

So I'm asking if the Web really can be an art form as I envision? Must business and information needs take over? I don't think so. But I know I have to do something different to attract my friends now. Or wait for the next generation of hardware, software, and friends.

7/14/97 Here's a fine expression of my sentiments, by someone else: "As we move into the information age of the 21st Century, it is clear that a global language will develop. Literacy--the use of letters to communicate--is the major barrier between classes, races, nations. This new language will be iconic. It will be communicated in digital patterns through fiber-optic lines flashed on screens and virtual-reality eye-phone receivers. Graphics is the key to the information world of the future. Television passivity will be replaced by personal expression. Just as everyone was expected to 'read and write' in the factory society, everyone will be expected to 'receive and graphicize' in the future. Everyone will use digital appliances to become an artist."

To continue on that subject, our words are based on oral transmission of sound. This was the way to send modulated frequencies to each other. Yes, we have gestures and thence to pictographs and photographs. And yes, we have colors and fabrics and thence to artworks. But we had no basic graphic way to form abstractions needed for language. Lang=tongue. So what is eye? Optuage? We now have the means to transmit colors and have a much richer set of frequencies to send and modulate. Now on the computer, sound is sort of like gestures is to sound in ordinary communication. They have flipped.

A prophesy I heard was, "We will speak in colors." And beyond that, we'll gradually come to be able to see our auras, and do it without the computer. The computer stage is like the talking stage for words. It is the way to hammer out the basics through experimentation. Strange, seems like the voyage out of ourself through the words into the books and realms of abstract thought through the computer into the realms of color communication and back to our own auras. Ready for another round of the spiral evolution.

So I'm seeing the completion portion of the ring of development of communication from language into color frequencies. What would be my first steps towards that? Now that there is HTML email, wow. I love coming to a place in thought where there is a dropoff. Can't see beyond, there is no horizon. No way to go ahead. Like what would the first steps of color frequency sending by computer be? Would I color letters of my words? Would I create little colored shapes? Would I have an animated gif of a spectrum with colors bopping like notes in music annotation? Would I send a painting, like a Clifford Stjill or Rothko? Would we go on from the Abstract Expressionists? Has anyone really gone on from their brave explorations? Drugs? Maybe the color changes act as drugs, stimulating different parts of our nervous system and brain.

Imagine a red zigzag with green health aura outline against a purple air. The zigzag is like earthquake graphs or heartbeat graphs, oscillating. Then a silvery ball rolls over the traces on its own trajectory, maybe like ends of words, sentences, punctuation. Like a roulette wheel ball, coming to rest at the end of a communication. Poetry would be to magnify, frame, and make such a display cyclic. And the traces would be found to be made of vibe shapes. Vibe shapes are the compression standard for computer file transmission of the communication. .vib or .vbe. Development of this standard might need to come first, to enable different creators and manufacturers to compete in marvelous different ways of the end-user graphics programs and color expression interfaces.

3/30/97 I didn't learn it all in Kindergarden. In master's art class I learned to appreciate. Say, "What is the artist trying to do?" Praise the great stories we tell each other in all we do. Let's have the courage of imagination to celebrate the final act of 39 people who aspired to the highest source through a gate in the heavens. Be with their vision. Let it deepen your own. See healings and artwork honoring seekers of a higher source on Wholeo Online.

3/23/97 Found haiku, by John Lennon

     O bla Dee. O bla                        
          da. Life goes on. YA. Ya, Ya,                           
               Ya, Ya, Life goes on

3/16/97 In a news group email, I answered the question, "what is an alpha channel?" It is part of a number that describes a color. The alpha is the percent of transparency in a 32-bit hexadecimal number with red, green, and blue colors, written as RRGGBBAA. Still musing about RGBA numbers, hex, 32-bit, 8 bits per channel and how to put the pieces of my knowledge into a coherent picture.

All of a sudden thought that maybe a being is like this. You can have RGB without A, right? So why not have A without RGB? Or RGB with so little A that the color is invisible. Say there is a 64-bit number for being and RGB color reflectivity is just the corporeal part of it. Once the corpse is gone, there are still 40-bits for the being. Ahh, when a person dies and decomposes, we see alpha = 01, the transparent ghost, or is it 00? But an alpha of 80 might relate to the other channels. RRGGBBAAXXYYZZ.. (Yes, that is a dot at the end, not two periods.)

So what are the XYZ. parameters of a being? Maybe I can describe an Elobeing (design for a new species) in 64-bit color? Brilliant. The . must be how much is divided by zero, the last ditch line of existence.

Funny idea that something could exist in a range. That is, to be 50% rather than either to be, or not to be. Maybe the range of being concept is like transparency, which is a rather sophisticated concept, even though it seems obvious in nature once we've grasped the principle.

XYZ must have to do with torque of a coil (XX), density of color radiants (YY), and color weather things. So would the shapes and structures of the Elobeing be its RGB parts, with minimal alpha? Or does RGB just relate to corpses? Maybe Z is the kind of light involved. Like sunlight is 01 on the Z scale, but if have 07, can't see the 01 because so much more on the real light scale of ZZ. So in my "see it simple stupid" (SISS) mood, I've just done something like first writing e=mc2

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