Early Spring, 1997

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A few days after Easter, 1997, news broke that 39 people, following their beliefs, had committed suicide just before Easter. They left a work Web site Higher Source and their home page Heaven's Gate. They sent an explanatory video to a previous member of the group. I created a colorRune healing for them, followed by an egg a day, for 40 days. The eggs appear on several pages.

Higher Source Heavens Gate Healing 3/29/97

This healing is one of the first cast with the Internet interactive version of the Color Weather program. The graphic healing is dedicated to the uprising of the 39 followers of a higher source who left this spring. {Note: Colors created with a custom palette, so they might not display correctly. 4/14/97: Changed to Web216 palette, not yet generated with one.}

Change for the dark heart.

Easter eggs, one each

Each day during the 40 days from Easter Sunday through ascension, an egg is laid into this Web, celebrating one of the 39 who left. There's one for one who did not leave, too. See the first basket of eggs. Or, see the second basket of eggs.

Color reference Runesigns, CLUT, and layout information.
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