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Wholeo Online, news and history

The latest news is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 1. See 1997-1998 News for News 2, edition 2. See 1999 News for News 3, edition 3.

See 8/18/97 for recoloring.

11-2-97 Wholeo, the stained glass dome, is becoming more accessible in a local appearance. This online exhibit does not replace the original exhibit at Otis|2ito, that is, Sito. In fact the hi-res graphics (200-800KB) files only appear there. But the smaller files are beginning to be anchored and linkable at Wholeo Online. This means anyone can link to specific paragraphs or images. Eventually, the topics and images will be completely integrated with information throughout the site. See Wholeo.

An example is the book, Wonder in Aliceland. The first installment is here, pages 1-23, with some links to related subjects and images. By the way, if you aren't familiar with Wholeo books, see the intro page. It describes Wonder in Aliceland as Art Fiction. The story of the prenatal development of psyche, including consciousness. An artistic and visionary presentation, in pictures and text.

The color altars page has some additions. One is cave altar choices.

10-27-97 Channeling, continued, see wake-up vision, Shekinah. Cave altar choices features a new cave altar and a page about its setting.

10-20-97 More Wholeo stuff! Setting the stage for many new areas to explore is the section on channeling. Healing energy is at Whole self; specifically a method called hieloheal. The whooping crane migration project prompted the start of a list of favorite Web links.

10-13-97 Something new from something old is now at Wholeo Books. An online version of the how-to do it, half-graphics book, Light Body, is now available in full. Please read the books overview before opening Light Body. The Lookout for 2000 email list is on hold indefinitely. Sorry to disappoint any raised expectations. A few words for John Denver.

10-6-97To link to Wholeo online or borrow content, see icon and credit info. I added graphics to the online rite of passage. The email list for sports and the future at Lookout for 2000 is having an identity crisis.

9-29-97 Created a virtual transition ceremony for relatives. Expanded it to serve as template and facilitator of your virtual online rite of passage ceremony.

9-22-97 Best wishes for a fine autumnal equinox celebration, if you are in the northern hemisphere of the earth. (Or vernal equinox if you are in the southern hemisphere.) Meanwhile, let's discuss a thought of the week on this topic, "The Web: art form or highway?"

9-15-97 The upgrade to the future wonderment page, Lookout for 2000, the millennium is still under test. Hope to have it online and active in one or two more weeks. There are two main features. look-2000 is a suite of new email discussion lists devoted to the future, with a focus on sports. Also, special pages are devoted to people's input. That could mean you.

9-8-97 This is the first in a two-week upgrade to the future wonderment page, Lookout for 2000, the millennium. Moving to a server of infinite capacity lets me shout it out, "Send me your creations related to the turn of the millennium, to be published on the Web!" Now there is a whole page of pictures of the lookout and what you see when you literally look out from that lush spot in an ancient rainforest of New Zealand.

Next week: look-2000 sports future, a new email discussion list.

8/31/97 For information about JavaScript problems, see non-JavaScript browsers. A graphic art entry initiates the Web art section.

8/25/97 Scanned in the rest of Leo Geary's New Zealand slides. Here is the photo story of an ice climb up a spectacular peak with a windswept cornice. You are on the rope looking up and down and out over snowy peaks.
The circulating shapes to the left form a new navigation button. It has that irritating movement that many wish to smash, like a bug. It is distracting. In itself it has vibe language, moving from the long wavelength of red to the short of blue, around a color wheel. It says the slide show display automatically loops. The buttons of the rainbow vibe genre are previous, next, and auto-display.
See how they work on the ice climb photos page. For a real treat (or treatment), like shiatsu for the aura, visit the new Vibe altar page. Caution: animated GIF graphic, no words, and requires Netscape Navigator 4.01 or higher.

8/18/97 Color is great when it works for you. Wholeo Online is color-coded colorfully. But it doesn't always work for all of you. Differences in browsers, equipment, taste, and physiology all affect color perception. Javascript to the rescue, providing a way to put a button on each page that brings up a Recoloring window. You can change the background color on each page. See the Access page for more information.

8/11/97 I'm in still scanning mode. On the art page I added an introduction to the present spacetime. Access to the site is now available from an outline map. That is, you can see an outline of the pages in the site and clickGo wherever you want from there.

8/4/97 I'm in scanning mode. Bringing things in from the past, to get well-grounded in where we are headed. There are a sprinkling of graphics on the new Art page. If you've ever wondered "What is Wholeo?", the answer starts here.

7/28/97 If you've visited Wholeo Online more than once, you might see a pattern something like this. A new feature appears but it is barely there. Just like the site in general, the feature changes and improves as time goes on. This has been true for announcements of the previous two weeks. Work has continued on altars and the Bristlecones.
IMAGINE iconRoadster User's site has been my ongoing prject for awhile but never announced. It is for people would would like to use the Roadster plug-in from Allegiant Technologies to view projects made by developers using SuperCard. That includes me.

7/21/97 The Bristlecone Medicine Wheel is coming online. It is a place to tell stories. First, the setting. The introduction isn't done, but there is a rich suite of photographs and ways to access them. The focus is on a high mountain meadow in the White mountains past Yosemite, between California and Nevada. Come see never-published photographs by Leo Geary from the sky and Elizabeth from earth.

7/14/97 A pop-up browser window with your choice of Altars. This choice is available from the main color page, with altars. Choose "Pop-up Altar" from the list.
Sending and receiving healing energy over the Web. This is a novel concept. Better see it than try to think or talk about it.
Here is the start of the Carolyoga page.
An image map with callout labels is installed. It serves as the gateway to trips in New Zealand. A look at kinds of maps sprouting up all over Wholeo Online.
Thought of the week revealed. (I haven't published for months.)

7/7/97 There are new map features to help you get around the Wholeo Online site. The Access Maps * page tells what is here now and what is planned.

6/30/97 The deep blue at startup of Wholeo Online is a blink of what is to come. You can see a graphic slide show or choose bypass to come straight to Wholeo Online. The preview is a set of images highlighting the expansion and evolution of consciousness theme, which is a staple and constant of this site. If you choose auto, the show is animated. If you choose click-step, you click through images at your leisure. In addition, the click-step show has short explanations. if you choose help , a second browser window opens. (That is, if your browser is java-enabled. If it isn't, try inline Help.) Do you want to try the startup again?

6/16/97 A new space has opened up that shows and tells the adventures of Leo Geary. They include three bicycle journals, the entire set of slides for the New Zealand trip, graphic art, and many other pictures of and by Leo. They are all outdoors in high and wild places. For an introduction to Leo, see his birth painting.

6/9/97 The Roadster project Color Weather is even a little wee bit farther into Beta. It has a startup screen showing what you can do. For a picture, see Color, rune, and stone casting information. Don't miss the bottom of the page, a full size color layout and stone casting from the Color Weather project. Next week, look for a whole new web space opening up for Wholeo Online!

6/2/97 The Roadster project Color Weather is a little farther into Beta. Now you can cast pure colors without signs or layout. For an introduction, see this page.

5/17/97 The Roadster project Color Weather is into Beta! For an introduction, see this page. The pages under Ascension are more advanced now. In addition to the Roadster project, there are imagemap, frames, and text ways to access the graphics.

5/8/97 The pages under Ascension are preliminary. They work only with the browser Netscape 3. With a browser such as AOL, all you might see is the main graphic, which I'd like you to see, but if you can't see the background graphic, it might be hard to read the text.

5/3/97 Special edition: all eggs. The last eight eggs needed to be put at once, although one of them will still be the focus of each day, until the finale, May 8. This page has forty graphics, so you must be patient as it downloads.

4/28/97 Still adding to Basket **TWO**. Yes, they are small, but each egg is a labor of love. Some egg graphics are smaller or simpler than others. A larger or more complex egg does not necessarily mean there is more labor or more love transmitted by the image. Today, the 29th egg! It is wizened petals; memory of a lei, lovely wreath, meeting friends in Kauai, Hawaii.

4/21/97 Easter Eggs overflowed the first basket, now in two: Basket *ONE* (eggs 0-19, heavy image download) and Basket **TWO** (eggs 20-39, still a light download). Today is the 22nd day that an egg image has been laid with healing intention. (What's healing? Good vibes and more.) Last week the highpoints were the manip of the Jerry Garcia graphic and the appearance of the flaming flight. It is to reappear on day 40 (May 8), in all its glory, with greater interaction.

4/14/97 The laying on of Easter Eggs created a need for a separate page, devoted solely to the eggs .

4/7/97 Out of the closet comes the occult. It does not have to be a four-letter word. For 39 days, a daily easter egg for one of those with high hopes of finding a Higher Source. Site development slowed by stalking Netscape-safe colors and space (looking for a new unlimited-MB Web site provider).

3/31/97 Nothing 'holy/schmoly' this week. All flights of imagination grounded to check excess baggage. Here is a humble contribution, a checklist for creating basic access in browser-safe colors for all platforms. (Just a start, to be continued.) Page colors might now be gaudy, but Netscape should display them correctly on all platforms. See a brief Easter/Spring message.

3/23/97 Nothing new here but us test pages. If you want to try a new interactive color casting project, you are welcome at the road test. The only thought of the week is a found haiku, by John Lennon.

3/16/97 Let the trips begin with The Thumbs, of the Two Thumb range in New Zealand. Introducing the outrageous/brilliant thought of the week feature. Some days I have several of these psuedo-koans. To be a real koan, the thought would be completely unthinkable, such as the sound of one hand clapping. My thoughts are usually intuitions, not totally thought out in words yet, although they might be experientially self-evident.

3/9/97 For fun, see new family photos, on a personal page. There's background information for color healing, including runesigns, color lookup table, and parts of the layout. You can order a Leo Geary Memorial page from the catalog. If you are in countdown for the billennium, see a couple of new links.

3/2/97 Modified ColorRune healing for the Web visitor, so you can see the afterimage. Also click to see a larger version of each. The catalog is enhanced with a form to order your own color healing and interpretation.

2/24/97 New ColorRune healing for the Web visitor. An interpretation and how to order yours. Added a millennium celebration to Related links. Color-coded {Color} ~ directory link as a test.

2/14/97 My daughter Elizabeth is 28 years old on Valentine's day, 2/14/97. She called me in California from NY to thank me for the greenstone pendant I'd sent from New Zealand. Feel so much love between us. She opens presents at work to stake out a birthday feelgood territory. We laughed. She asked about the symbolism of the fishhook-like shape of the pendant. I find on a chart that it is a symbol of mana, personal power. Surprise! That was the theme of her day. She had lit a red candle for it in the morning. To me this is the greatest valentine present, that we are so deeply connected over space and time and able to know and enjoy our connection.

See News 2, edition 2 . 1998 News Nov 9, 1997 - Dec 14, 1998

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