Carolyoga--Shekinah wake-up vision

I pay close attention to visions. Wake-up visions, such as dreams, often have valuable content. To discover meanings, I do dreamwork. If I get an indication, I must act on it. The more I'm able to act on visions, the more they appear. Sometimes the wake-up is a line from a song or a single word.

On the morning of May 13, 1995, I woke up with the word "Shekinah" on my mind. I did not know the meaning. I couldn't remember any contact or likely source of this word. How did it come to me? Finally, I looked it up in Webster's Dictionary. The meaning there was "the manifestation of the presence of God", from a Hebrew word Shekinah, from part of the Old Testament. I haven't read the bible lately and haven't spoken with anyone who has, that I know of.

This shakes me up. I may have read this in the Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch in 1979, that is 16 years ago. That book had several references to unfamiliar Hebrew words. Can't think of any other place I could have read this. Certainly have never thought about it much. I have often thought about the name of the divine being unamable. I think I found African roots for that wisdom. However the invocation of the name Shekhinah seems so buffalo, so plains Indian, so Idaho.

Thumbnail imageLarge * or Medium size image of Shekina mudra. This is a hand position that I added to my yoga routine to celebrate the wake-up to Shekinah. The basic meaning of the yoga word mudra works for these kinds of hand positions. I haven't studied the meaning of the word deeply and certainly don't refer to any esoteric schools of yoga, learning, or religion by using the word mudra. It is simply easier to say than reverent hand position.

A way this exemplifies channeling is related to my recent discovery of a millennium celebration being planned based on Shekinah. For details, see this link. Now more people have sent email describing their wakeup to Shekinah. Is this cooincidence? Or should we pay more attention?

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