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Lookout 2000 celebration input--Shekhinah

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When I visited Chris King's millennium celebration pages, I realized that the word Sakina is related to Shekinah. I remembered that a few years ago I had a moving but little understood visitation by that word. For an account, see Shekinah wake-up vision and mudra. I wrote to Chris about it. (In 2001, the site has moved so most links removed.)

About Shekinah

Here is the response from Chris, (edited slightly for clarity):

Shekhinah has a habit of synchronicity. You will find a very similar account in The Question that wouldn't go Away about how Sherry Anderson discovered Shekhinah as just such a word that popped uncannily into her consciousness and then became her life. You can read her account, an excerpt from the book. Shekhinah 'the indwelling' is the name for the 'Feminine face of God'. It comes from the Kaballah.

"Whoever is humble will ultimately cause the Shekihnah to dwell upon this Earth. Whoever is haughty brings about the defilement of the Earth and the departure of the Shekihnah. The glow of lovers is a reflection of her presence. She is the flaming jewel of the Torah and the Holy Queen of the Kabbalah. She is the ancient one, the Holy Apple Orchard. She is the immanent indwelling presence of the living God. She is the animating life force of the Earth".

Rather than having an archaic Goddess and God as two human figures like Zeus and Hera, or the 'Father' and the 'Virgin', we have a single entity with a transcendental male face and an imminent female face. The Tao is like this - "the Way of the Valley" female in approach, despite its Yin-Yang nature, whereas Kali-Shiva is more Goddess-God and she then eats him and everyone else in sight.

All the actual manifestations of God are then 'feminine', so it is a way of having a feminine revolution without going back to the neolithic blood and guts which some people find a bit primitive. Ecofeminists are criticized by social ecologists for this reason.

Jewish feministic theology often centres on the Shekhinah. It has an appealing quality because it is consistent with the synchronous quantum universe too, as coincidence, and in the prescience of precognitive dreaming and vision - the 'burning bush' - so you could say the Shekhinah is also the shamanistic reality that the Native American seers descend to the underworld to witness. love, Chris

Here is another sample: Milllennial Vows, two poems or songs.

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