The 40 eggs of ascension

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We're talking about an evolutionary ascension (not a religious one). It could even be an expansion of consciousness direction for here and now. You don't have to die to ascend. Just let yourself go.

See a lovely vision of male and female aspects of yourself arising as a butterfly creature. With prism body, you are leaping, flying over a sea of human emotion and earth turbulence. You pass a mysterious cloud band formed of 39 colored light beings (CLBs). They are beaming colors. You see a green planet of peace, harmony, and springing growth, fullfilling the high promise of spring. As you lift, see the spirits as decorated egg images. The egg, symbol of fertility and our inability grasp the unknown. Scientifically, we still cannot answer the question, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

egg - ascend

Ascend graphics

Ascend is a group of graphics to explore in all of these ways:

image map, frames, text menu, or project.

As a side trip, to see how the 39 CLBs fit in with a pyramid and steps on a trip to Peru, see On the Way to Machu Picchu. See also the original stained glass design.

Roadster project

WARNING! This product might be addictive. It won't hurt your health, but using it might crash your browser or freeze your computer display. It has great interactivity, so it might be worth the risk!
The project requires Quicktime and a SuperCard plug-in for your browser from Solutions Etcetera. Tested with Macintosh only, before 2000.

I'll try the project.

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