Wholeo Online, old browsers, and JavaScript

Note on 8/28/97:

A week ago I put JavaScript on every page in my site. On 8/26/97 I learned that many older or other browsers simply crash when they find the JavaScript code. So I'm starting to fix it. I'm hoping not to have to provide two sets of pages. One for those JavaScript-enabled and one for those JavaScript-challenged.

Also, some graphics created with Photoshop 4 do not display transparency correctly in the older browsers. So the graphics must be modified for backward compatibility.

Ideally, all visitors to my site would have Netscape (or Microsoft Internet Explorer) 4.01 or above. There are so many fun and easy things to do with JavaScript. First I used it to pop up extra windows automatically. Then I used it to made an automatic display for a slide show of photographs. Then I made a pop-up window where you can color the background to your liking. Lastly I used JavaScript to create interactive buttons.

I'm starting to change and test the pages, so those rooted in old browsers can still enjoy the parts of my site that don't require JavaScript capability. I hope to have them done by September, or before. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Upgrade your browser, please! (If you can.)

Note on 8/31/97:

Fixed a problem that caused Netscape Navigator 2.02 to crash.
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