Image Icons of Ascension, 1997, *ONE*

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One a day, Easter Eggs, Basket *ONE*

40 days to ascension

Each day from Easter on, celebrate for one of the adepts. There is a drawing for each. They are divided into two baskets.

First basket of eggs (on this page)

Easter egg 0. Orbit, passage of an individual
Easter egg 1. Base player
Easter egg 2. Evolving consciousness
Easter egg 3. EloGate phase of consciousness. Shaman's spine
Easter egg 4. Peeling the grape on rings
Easter egg 5. Shower of easter egg flowers over flux
Easter egg 6. Expanded consciousness
Easter egg 7. Core sheath
Easter egg 8. Aura of The Thumbs (peaks in New Zealand)
Easter egg 9. Heart
Easter egg 10. Raisined (compressed) energy. Color smear in the dark. Smear spin-skewered on shower drop
Easter egg 11. Crystal
Easter egg 12. Emergence
Easter egg 13. Octopus
Easter egg 14. Fountain
Easter egg 15. Cosmic symbol
Easter egg 16. Dot Matrix
Easter egg 17. Chiku Jo Ho Zan's puff
Easter egg 18. "So long, Jerry, we love ya." (Image maniped from Lile Elam's manip of that title. From Chain Reaction.)
Easter egg container. "Illumination of the Twin Flame". Rising over 39 spirits to the green planet

Second basket of eggs ( on next page)

Color reference Runesigns, CLUT, and layout information.
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