Caroling -- Season's Greetings, Solstice, June 1998

Inner eye model

Solstice this year is alive with group meditations worldwide, and wired. I offer a diagram about the lineup of bodies in the celestial sphere at this time of year. Specifically, the lineup shows the full moon after the solstice.

celestial lineup

7 a.m. PDT (1400 UT) on 21 June 1998 is the local time for the solstice. I went to the Gateway of Dreams. See the photos! I was taking part in what might be a Wrinkle in Time 3. It is a shoot and save event along the lines of Wrinkle 1 and 2. For more info about a Wrinkle in Time, see December Solstice, 1997 and March Equinox.

On this page, the background photo is from the Bristlecone National Forest, looking North at the White Mountains. See it and resize it to any window size.

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