*Equinox visionary results

The *Wrinkle 8 project has begun. The *vision quest is on. *Visions happen. *Visionary results to see.

Wrinkle 8 sync - the Great Spirit Path vision results are slow in coming. The vision was instantaneous and all there at once. Putting it into form for us to see on the web is taking forever (well, weeks). Partly because I can't put it all in one movie. Partly because I'm learning a new medium, Flash. See this page each week for new results. Refer to the original equinox vision for context. Each expression has three varieties: daylight, moonlight, and colors only. You can see all five daylight movies that jump automatically from one to the next in a loop. Or all five noomlight movies. Or visit the full set of expressions:

  1. "Each stone lends its rhythms." Colors from the color healing leap up from the 24 stones around the wheel. They form a column. Webbed September 27, 1999.

  2. "A central vertical flow." Colors from the color healing cover the ground and 12 inner stones around the wheel. The column moves inward to the center. Webbed October 4, 1999.

  3. "Shower of cosmic juice points" (pinpoints of aura) begins to waft in and out of view. The color column thins as it rises up. Rainbow aura colors cover the 7 stones standing between the inner and outer circles. The center rock turns to pearl. The four directions are indigo. Webbed October 11, 1999.

  4. "Shower transforms". Webbed October 25, 1999.

  5. "Bristlecone Medicine Wheel" joins the stones. Webbed Nov 1, 1999.

path iconFor movies, you need get Flash Flash and get QT 4 QuickTime 4. See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online. See also, the list of Caroling's wrinkles.

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