Vision Quest at the Great Spirit Path - Equinox September 1999 - start

center rockSeptember 1999 equinox specifics: what, when, and where. Why? For the fun of it, or you fill in the blanks. Preparation of the site for the event goes on right up to the equinox. Publishing the visions goes on indefinitely after the equinox. Expect development and change. The foot in the photo to the left is stepping onto the center stone of a medicine wheel.


Wrinklers frequently record a place. That is, they look around at a place from the outside. The idea here is to record the place beforehand as a setting for the event. I create an online virtual reality of the place for people to visit anytime.The event is a look within, a vision quest. That is what I envision when I am at the place. It is a look inside. The Wrinkler, you or me, records the vision.


Let's talk about this event as if we are free in time. For us, all times are now, in the present. The preparation for the event really starts June 22, 1999, with the idea. It gains momentum with the global meditations from August 11-17. The virtual site starts August 30, with the publication of the sneak peek and intention to the web, our global community. From now on we prepare and become familiar with the setting and our intention. For daily steps, see this page.

The vision quest happens at sync, wave, and free times. Those are Wrinkle terms for simultaneous, 12 noon, and anytime on the day of the event (such as an equinox or solstice).

  • sync - simultaneous

    At 4:20 (PDT) on September 23, 1999 (the time of the fall or autumnal equinox here, 11:23 or 11:31 UT), I focus on my inner visions. That is what wrinklers call a "sync" time. The sync time is the actual moment of the equinox. The event is the same for people all over earth even though local times differ.

  • wave - 12 noon

    At noon on the equinox the wave wrinkles from Fiji and the Chatham Islands of New Zealand across Asia, Europe, America, to wherever in the South Pacific is in the last time zone for the 24-hour day. In each time zone, wrinklers activate at noon.

  • free - anytime

    Anytime on the equinox that you are ready for the quest is a fine time to go for it.

map of stones


Here is the setting. I create the online site as we go. I explain the Great Spirit Path stone poem shown in this map and show as much as I can from August 30 through September 23, 1999. One reason for making the setting virtual is that it is not open at night. It opens daily and closes one hour before sunset. But a wrinkler might need the place at any time. The online vision quest is in Ritual Spaces, separate from the setting of the stone poem in the Travel section.

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