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*Wrinkle 8 - the Great Spirit Path vision

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These are notes about the vision at the moment of the September 1999 equinox. The *Wrinkle 8 project has begun. The *vision quest is on. *Visions happen, and there are some *visionary results to see. I did a color healing on the web and the colors appear in the results.

"The secret life of stones.

Wave after wave of love all around me, give me the strength to go on.

See the shower form of pinpoints of aura, each moving to Eloorb, 3bc, and pinata, undulating like surfaces of winds. And each stone lends its rhythms and the shower lends its color and there is a triple between the 2 outer and the 1 inner. Sophia, Mel, Carol, Leo, and Elizabeth form the 5 WLB, XWC at the entrance to the wheel. The gap is what can be completed. We are the five higher chakras added to the seven standing stones in the middle ring, to make a ring of 12. The inner 12 stones stay. The outer 24 stones are the runes, with the unknown and 2 invented runes in the gap. And Bristlecone Medicine Wheel spirits join in rhythms with their great freedom. Lak boymer, a central vertical flow or ascension pillar, like the Ica artists, forms from all the spirits of those who knew the unknown invisible, who tried to trace the vision, remember, and tell others."

I'm sorry there are many unexplained concepts in the notes.

The roots of this project are:

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